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Absolute Concierge Health Care

Direct Primary Care Around the Clock. For as little as $5 per day.

About Absolute Health Care - Kenneth Volk, PA-C

Kenneth Volk PA-C provides what every person wants in medical care, old fashioned, personailized, friendly, effective healthcare from a medical professional who knows you.

Volk offers what every small employer needs, a valuable healthcare benefit package that employers can offer their employees at an affordable price.

Kenneth L. Volk, PA-C

As a healthcare provider, Kenneth Volk PA-C, is highly educated, very experienced, and completely capable. As an individual, Kenneth provides the friendly face that is so often missing from today's medical care. He knows and understands each patient as a human being and establishes personal relationships reminiscent of bygone days of complete patient care. His practice is set apart by the unique relationship he has with his patients and their families. Kenneth's professional approach to medicine and state of the art medical technology ensure exceptional patient care.

As a Certified Physician Assistant, Kenneth is qualified to provide a broad range of medical services. Most primary care requirements fall within his professional purview. The following is an excerpt from the NCCPA description of a PA-C

Certified PA-Cs can perform a variety of procedures, including, take histories, conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventative health care, assist in surgery and write prescriptions. Today, approximately 80,000 certified PAs practice in almost every setting and medical and surgical specialty, improving access to care for patients across the U.S. while providing invaluable support to their supervising physicians.

The idea behind Absolute Concierge Health Care sprang from Kenneth Volk's appreciation of the individuals he serves. Kenneth realized that the formalized process of insurance approvals and filing claims was a barrier to building actual one-to-one relationships with his patients. In fact, these regimented formalities were a hinderance to providing good healthcare.

Volk knew of the concept behind Concierge Health Care. He had read about the concept and studied the practices of other medical providers who had tried it. The entire idea was appealing to a man who truely likes people. In practice it allows the care giver to devote time to each person. It allows practicioners to give better care while protecting the patient from frustration and exorbitant healthcare costs.

In this prepaid medical care program the patient has 24/7 access to personalized medical services. In addition to general office visits, patients have annual wellness checks. During these meetings, Kenneth discusses the client's medical history, sets wellness goals, and heart screenings. Kenneth's extensive training and experience as a Primary Care Provider for 16 years, including 12 years at a Harrison County hospital clinic, management of 6 Rural Health Clinics and patient care at the County Health Department, ensures treatment beyond routine care.

One important factor that assures the success of this program is that Volk limits his total enrollment to 600 individuals. This is only a fraction of the 3000 or so patients seen by the average healthcare provider. The regular advance payments allow Volk to place this low enrollment limit.

As a patient, you will receive general consultations and exams, follow-ups with specialists, and minor emergency services in the office. Minor emergencies such as lacerations, and weekend or late night illnesses are included in his total healthcare plan. By joining Absolute Concierge Health Care, you are making an investment in the most important aspect of your life your health.

Absolute Concierge Health Care is a perfect win-win proposition. You get top notch affordable healthcare with 'round the clock immediate access and Kenneth Volk gets to practice medicine with enough available time to really do it well.